All political parties agree on CPEC during APC meeting under chairmanship of PM Nawaz Sharif


ISLAMABAD: All the political parties have assured their full support for the completion of CPEC project. It is decided in the discussion meeting that the western-route of CPEC project will be completed till July 2018.


As per details, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif presided a meeting of all political leadership here on Friday in Islamabad. The meeting decided to complete western-route of CPEC on priority basis.


KP CM Pervez Khatak and others political leaders expressed their reservation on CPEC project but PM Nawaz assured them that CPEC project would be completed with the consulation of all provinces.


According to the declaration of meeting, a staring committee has been formed under the chairmanship of PM Nawaz to review the implementation and consultation for the CPEC project.


The committee will be comprised of Federal Ministers including power & water, planning & development, railways, communications and Chief Ministers of all provinces.


A communication cell also has been established in Ministry for planning and development for exchanging information with provinces.

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