Russian Ambassador in UN mocks Nikki Haley

Russian Ambassador in UN mocks Nikki Haley

NEW YORK - Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzia suggested that his US colleague Nikki Haley "likes Russia", as she constantly mentions the country in her speeches.

"She always mentions Russia, I think she likes Russia, that's probably why, she cannot fail to mention Russia in every speech that I hear from her, but we already said today: we are asked to give results, but I think that still no one has done more than us for the political process in Syria, we are working with the government and the opposition," Nebenzia told reporters after the meeting.

At a meeting of the UN Security Council on the political settlement of the Syrian conflict on Wednesday, Nikki Hale said that "Russia can force the regime (Syrian President Bashar Assad) to follow the search for genuine peace in Syria" and should "use its lever of influence."

Earlier, Nikki Haley stated that Russia is not a friend of the US, even if there are areas where countries could work together.

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