Saudi Arabia sets condition for establishing ties with Israel: Report


RIYADH - Amid widespread reports of behind-the-scenes cooperation between Riyadh and Tel Aviv, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir says the kingdom has a “roadmap” to establish full diplomatic ties with the Tel Aviv regime.

Speaking to France 24 television late on Wednesday, Jubeir said Riyadh has a plan for normalization with Tel Aviv if an agreement is reached between Palestine and the Israeli entity.

The top Saudi diplomat further denied that reports that the kingdom had any relations with Tel Aviv, despite their mutual concerns over Iran’s growing regional influence.

In mid-November, Lebanon’s al-Akhbar daily published a secret undated letter from Jubeir to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that puts forward a plan to normalize ties with Israel .

According to the report, Riyadh and Tel Aviv would first try to work out a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which would significantly sideline the interests of the Palestinian nation.

After getting rid of the Palestine issue, the two regimes could then focus on their common goal, which is forming an alliance against Iran, according to the report.

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