Federal government under pressure from West to repeal Blasphemy Law

Federal government under pressure from West to repeal Blasphemy Law

NEW YORK - United Nation (UN) has told Pakistan to end blasphemy laws enshrined in the constitution. In its 111 point recommendations, the UN has requested Pakistan to repeal blasphemy laws, criminalise enforced disappearances and ensure basic human rights in the country.

“Consider repealing the blasphemy laws established in the constitution and take all the measures necessary to prosecute and punish those who have made false accusations,” said the UN, adding, that the country must “protect all the judges, prosecutors, lawyers and witnesses of blasphemy-related cases.”

In line with the recommendations, the Ministry of Human Rights had forwarded praxis to federal and provincial governments for information and further necessary action, on Thursday.

Raising concerns over the recommendations of UN, officials of the Ministry of Human Rights said “world powers are all out to ensure amendment or repealing of the Islamic laws of the country”.

They further said that Pakistan should send a strong message to the United Nations through the Ministry of Religious Affairs over the recommendation to repeal the Khatam-e-Nabuwat laws.

According to the ministry’s documents and UN concluding observation on human rights conventions, Pakistan has ratified seven core human rights conventions like ICERD, CAT, ICESCR, ICCPR etc. and obliged to submit obligatory reports to concerned treaty bodies through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.