Would rather die than join PSP or any other party, says Farooq Sattar

Would rather die than join PSP or any other party, says Farooq Sattar

KARACHI: Dr Farooq Sattar said that he would rather die than join the PSP or any other party, claiming that MQM-P lawmakers were being forced to switch loyalties. 

“I would rather die than join PSP or any other political party,” he said during an emergency presser held at his house early morning on Sunday.

Dr Farooq Sattar claimed that MQM-P MNAs and MPAs were receiving death threats. He said that his party’s lawmakers were being coerced into joining the PSP.

“None of my party’s MPAs or MNAs joined PSP of their own free will,” he claimed.

Sattar appealed to the chief justice and army chief to meet him so that he could present his case. He expressed concern that the upcoming general elections would not be held in a transparent manner in Karachi.

“A conspiracy is being hatched to keep MQM-P out of the electoral process,” he said.

Farooq claimed that a perception was being formed on purpose that MQM-P’s days were numbered. He said that he was ready to go to GHQ for his rights.

“I will not come back before I present my stance before the apex court and GHQ,” he said. “I want to share secrets with the chief justice.”

MQM’s Nishat Zia decides to remain in party

MQM-P MPA Nishat Zia spoke during the press conference and announced his decision to remain with the party. He said that he was being forced to join the PSP.

“Anees Qaimkhani invited me to join the party,” he said. “Farooq Sattar has assured me that we are all together so I have decided to stay.”

Another MQM-P member Jamal Ahmad said that PSP representatives were forcing him to join the party since the past five days.

“After today’s decision, I can be killed,” he said. “I had no other option but suicide left.”

Sattar categorically denied joining the PSP or any other party a few days after he admitted during SAMAA TV’s program Awaz that he was receiving offers from the PSP and the PPP to join their respective parties. APP/AFP