Sindh Rangers withdraw from Karachi security after expiry of special powers

Sindh Rangers withdraw from Karachi security after expiry of special powers

KARACHI : Sindh Rangers in a sudden move have immediately been called back into the barracks after the expiry of the special powers granted to them under National Action Plan.

Following the expiry of special policing powers in Sindh, the Rangers personnel deployed in all areas including sensitive points across Sindh have been summoned back to the headquarters in Karachi .

Patrolling, snap checking, and raids conducted by the paramilitary force were discontinued on April 14. However, Sindh Rangers continue to provide security to the governor, chief minister, judges, airports, and sensitive installations.

A summary to grant an extension of powers to the paramilitary force was sent to the Chief Minister (CM) Sindh Murad Ali Shah by the Home Department Sindh on April 5; however, the approval remains pending to date.

Earlier on January 15, the Rangers’ special policing powers expired and the extension was delayed until the January 18. The paramilitary force was granted an extension of the special powers in November last year for 90 days.

Also in 2016, the provincial government tried to restrict the Rangers’ powers in Karachi . The move was overruled by the centre.

Under the National Action Plan and the Anti-Terrorism Act, the federal cabinet had granted special powers to the Rangers to lead a targeted joint operation with the police against criminals involved in targeted killings, kidnappings for ransom, extortion, and terrorism in Karachi

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