PM Nawaz Sharif speaks against Indian cruel rule in Kashmir

PM Nawaz Sharif speaks against Indian cruel rule in Kashmir

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has reiterated his demands off international bodies on Sunday to influence India to stop violence in held-valley of Kashmir .

In a statement issued in this regard, PM Nawaz said that use of force in Occupied Kashmir could not suppress the desire of freedom nurtured by the people of Kashmir in their hearts for decades.

The people of Kashmir have been deprived of their due rights for years and Indian authorities cannot exercise cruel rule in the valley, the PM stated.

Kashmiris were used oppressive measures against for refusing to participate in so-called polls in the valley, he added.

The premier called for international bodies to stop Indian violence and that Pakistan is hopeful of Kashmiris’ freedom in the rule of cruelty.

India has been occupying Kashmir valley since India-Pakistan separation in 1947. India has provoked three wars with Pakistan over Kashmir dispute till date.

It should be mentioned here that Indian leadership had promised Kashmiris after the separation to hold a referendum in the valley but no such practice has been recorded ever since.

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