Noreen Jabar Leghari: A story of a Pakistani girl from a medical student to a Daesh Terrorist

Noreen Jabar Leghari: A story of a Pakistani girl from a medical student to a Daesh Terrorist

LAHORE : The mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Hyderabad girl, a student of Medical University Jamshoroo seems to be resolved as the girl has been arrested in a terrorist operation in Lahore ahead of Easter.

Noreen Jabbar Laghari, a student of Liaquat University of Medical Science (LUMS), Jamshoro, went missing on February 10, 2017.

The ISPR on Saturday said it had thwarted a plot to launch a major terror attack in Lahore on Easter Sunday, after an army raid in the city that killed a suspected militant.

Security forces also arrested a woman and seized suicide jackets and explosives, the statement added. The terrorist killed was identified as Ali Tariq.

It has now been revealed that the girl is Noreen Leghari who has joined the militant outfit. She had shared her radical religious views on social media as well. Her brother told media that the family has been informed by the security forces about his sister.

The sources confided that she came into contact with Ali Tariq on Facebook and tied the knot.

A video obtained by the police, showed the girl left for Lahore alone on the day she had gone missing and then contacted her family through social media that she had reached the land of Khilafat.

Noreen Laghari is the daughter of Dr Abdul Jabbar Leghari, Professor at Dr M A Kazi Institute of Chemistry, University of Sindh. Professor Jabbar Laghari had said that his daughter left home for university on February 10 and attended morning classes; afterward, she was seen nowhere.

She is under investigation for her role in the Easter attack foiled by the forces and it is still unknown what was her relation with the terrorist killed in the encounter.

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