Mishal Khan is a martyr: Top Cleric Mufti Naeem

Mishal Khan is a martyr: Top Cleric Mufti Naeem

ISLAMABAD – Reacting to the lynching of Abdul Wali Khan university student Mashal Khan, Pakistan’s prominent cleric Mufti Naeem has categorically expressed that he would call Mashal Khan a ‘Martyr’.

In an interview to Ary News, Mufti Naeem opined that the law of blasphemy was being misused in the country adding that those present around at the time of Mardan incident should be punished.

He expressed that the state institutions would decide whether Mashal Khan committed blasphemy or not. Mufti Naeem who also heads Jamia Binoria in another televised interview said ulema from all sects in the country should unanimously condemn acts of violence originating from misuse of the blasphemy law.

He also said the ulema should issue a statement stating that killing an individual over blasphemy allegations is “against the Shariah as well as the law of Pakistan”.

The cleric also noted that religious terrorism in the country can only be quashed through a strengthened judicial system.

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