Royal Couple visits ancient mountain wild life centre in Bhutan

BHUTAN: British Royal Couple visits ancient mountain wildlife centre in Bhutan.


The Couple make a steep climb to the Taktsang Monastery also known as Tiger’s Nest through the blue pine forest.


Horses were kept ready in case of the couple tired but they managed to reach at top without any help.


The couple also lit butte-fueled ritual lamps and greeted monks upon their arrival in monastery.


They also listened legends about the monastery that is most sacred Buddhism complex at a height of 3,000 meters and was built in 1692.


Prince William’s father, Prince Charles planned to climb the same in 1998 but could not do so due to injury caused in a polo match.


Earlier, upon their arrival on Thursday they were received by the King and Queen of Bhutan.


The Royal Couple will go back to India on Saturday, where they will visit the onion-domed Taj Mahal.


Media claimed that British High Commission requested to remove scaffolding from Taj Mahal which is under repair but Archaeological Department turned down the request.