OIC Summit just condemns Israel over settlements in Palestinian territory 

ANKARA: OIC Summit just condemned Israel over settlements in Palestinian territory.


Muslim leaders from 57 countries decided to launch a peace process to end the Israel-Palestine conflict.


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani strongly condemned Israel and called it ‘main source of violence and extremism in the world’.


He said “We should always be vigilant against the danger of the Zionist regime as the main source of violence and extremism.”


OIC leaders also decided to counter extremism and Islamophobia including Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims.


The summit also announced a ten years action plan to enhance ties and cooperation between the Muslim countries.


The summit was chaired by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who announced to establish an international arbitration body and Turkey based police coordination centre in Istanbul.


Erdogan said “As Muslims, we cannot overcome our difficulties without achieving unity inspite of our differences.”