Erdogan meets Rouhani eyeing enhanced bilateral trade ties 

ANKARA: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with his Iranian counterpart Rouhani eyeing enhanced bilateral trade ties.


Both leaders hold talks on bilateral relations and regional issues and to enhance ties in tourism and energy sector.


Rouhani offered that Iran is capable to fulfill Turkey’s energy needs.


Rouhani said “We promised Turkey that Iran is able to ensure Turkey’s energy security.”


“Tehran can fulfill Ankara’s gas, oil, electricity and petrochemical needs,” he added.


Erdogan and Rouhani said in a joint statement “It is above all in our own countries’ interests to strengthen our political dialogue and reduce our differences of opinion to a minimum.”


Erdogan said “We have to work together to overcome the problems of terrorism and sectarianism and the related humanitarian crises that are shaking our region.”


Earlier, Turkey and other member states of OIC blamed Iran and stated that its interference in internal matters of regional countries is spreading terrorism.