FATF Greylist: Alarm bells raised for Pakistan

FATF Greylist: Alarm bells raised for Pakistan

*ISLAMABAD - Over the sensitive issue of* FATF Greylist, Alarm bells have been raised for Pakistan.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is concerned over Pakistan performance at the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

Insiders say that the international lender’s Save Our Soul (SOS) mission arriving in Islamabad on Monday will share its concerns regarding the Financial Action Task Force task force report.

Sources at the ministry of finance also claim that the failure of Pakistan to make progress on the action plan of FATF before the meeting of Asia-Pacific Joint Group (APG) held recently is also a source of concern for the IMF. Officials at the ministry had reportedly assured the Fund that the points related to the action plan would be handled before the APG.

However, the issue would now be discussed again in FATF’s Plenary and Working Group meetings scheduled between October 13-18 in Paris, France. The visiting mission of IMF may also ask officials here about the progress made so far regarding FATF.