CJP - Saad Rafique exchange harsh words in court hearing

CJP - Saad Rafique exchange harsh words in court hearing

LAHORE – The chief justice of Pakistan and former railways minister, Khawaja Saad Rafique exchanged harsh words on Saturday when the latter was summoned to the court on an immediate notice.

Chief justiec Mian Saqib Nisar summoned Saad Rafique after an audit report was submitted to the court regarding the loss in Pakistan Railways.

During the hearing of the case at the Lahore registry, the firebrand Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz leader complained that he was not being served justice, adding that as per the code of conduct, the judges are barred to ridicule anyone.

‘Tell me if the report suggests about my involvement in corrupt practices. How can I submit my response on a report that comprises as many as 1000 pages,’ argued Rafique.

When the ‘pugnacious’ leaguer opted a bit rude tone, the top judge advised him that he should leave his arrogance at home before coming over to the august court.

‘Mend your behaviour. Did you consider insulting the court before showing up,’ wondered the top judge.

The chief justice asked the politician as to why he was seething in anger as he should respond to what’s being inquired. He advised the lawmaker to hire a lawyer or a consultant and submit a reply.

Upon this, the Punjab Assembly member replied that he could not even think of insulting the court.

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