China to share advanced satellite data with Belt and Road countries

China to share advanced satellite data with Belt and Road countries

China is willing to share satellite resources, including remote sensing, communication, and navigation data, with Belt and Road countries, said Wu Yanhua, deputy director of China's State Administration for Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense, on Sept. 11.

China will work with these countries to establish a well-distributed and fully-functional network of ground information service, the deputy director added.

Wu made the remarks at a seminar on the construction of the Belt and Road Space Information Corridor held in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

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Given the differences of development and a variety of natural environments, countries along the Belt and Road are in urgent need to establish the corridor to promote information interconnectivity, Wu noted.

With the launch of the Beidou-3 satellites and the construction of spatial information infrastructure, China will offer more advanced and convenient services to Belt and Road countries.

According to Tong Xudong, a senior official of the State Administration for Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense, the Belt and Road Space Information Corridor is an important approach to guarantee the connectivity of facilities and the smooth flow of trade.

By utilizing China's existing and projected satellite and ground network systems, the corridor will better help the Belt and Road countries with their infrastructure construction, energy exploitation, environmental protection, security assurance, and trade expansion.

This article was originally published by the Global Times.