Iran rejects claims made by the Saudi Arabia government

Iran rejects claims made by the Saudi Arabia government

TEHRAN - Iran rejects claims made by the Saudi Arabia government over the damaged Iranian Oil tanker that was reportedly hit by two missiles off coast Saudi Arabia, Iranian media had reported.

Iranian maritime authorities deny Saudi Arabia’s claims that it wanted to provide help to a damaged Iranian oil tanker after it was attacked off the coast of Jeddah in the Red Sea, saying Saudi coast guard ignored the ship’s repeated requests for help.

A statement from the Port and Maritime Organization of Iran (PMO) released on Sunday said that Saudi authorities had refused to provide help to the Iranian tanker MT Sabiti after it came under attacks at 01.30 and 01.50 GMT Friday by two missiles fired from an unknown location.

The statement link the coast guard in Jeddah refused to respond to 16 distress calls sent by the ship over four communication channels between 05.11 and 07.20 GMT on Friday, adding that Saudi authorities responded to a communication from Iran’s port of Bandar Abbas at 05.55 GMT by saying that they had not received any distress call from MT Sabiti and that Iranians were exaggerating the case.

The statement said that Saudi authorities also ignored another distress call sent by the ship at 07.30 GMT, prompting port officials in Iran to send an email to Jeddah, as well as to the coast guards in Sudan and Egypt, at 08.20 GMT, demanding help.

However, it said that two helicopters scrambled from a warship sailing nearby at 10.00 GMT had returned to the ship after 10 minutes without providing any help to the Iranian ship.