Shahid khan Afridi and Javed Miandad patch up

Shahid khan Afridi and Javed Miandad patch up

KARACHI: (APP) Pakistan's legend cricketers Javed Miandad and Shahid Khan Afridi who were in war of words against each other for the last couple of days patched-up their difference here on Saturday.

Both the former captains of Pakistan Cricket team were involved in hurling allegations and counter allegations against each other that came to an end when both players met here and announced withdrawing remarks uttered against each other.

Javed said that he is withdrawn the remarks he leveled against Shahid Afridi which he described did in anger.

At the same time, Shahid Afridi while apologizing what he had attributed against Javed Miandad said that remarked hurt him but being a senior cricketer everybody pay respect to him.

In a video footage,both the players shook hands and offered sweet to each other.