Malala Trust funded enrolment drive launched

ISLAMABAD: Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani girl from Swat started a program regarding the education of girls. The basic aim of  trust which she started is to give opportunities to get girls education. The Girls Right to Education Program implemented through NGOs and many others Civil Society organizations. The trust was launched in February 2014 by the government of Pakistan and United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO to support better access, improve quality and safe learning environment of girls in hard to reach areas. Malala Said that she started this program after prolonged discussion with the Government, Civil Society and School girls. She described many features and strategies for the development of this trust. She said to get education should be the basic right of every citizen of our country. The target districts for the programme as identified by the trust are  Muzzafarabad, Hatian, Neelam in AJK, Jaffarabad and Ziarat in Balochistan ,Mohmand Agency in FATA, Gilgit and Hunza Nagar in Gilgit Baltistan and so on.