SP Tahir Dawar murder: RAW and NDS nexus suspected

SP Tahir Dawar murder: RAW and NDS nexus suspected

ISLAMABAD - The tragic killing of SP Dawar is a clear message that there are some elements who want to disrupt peace process.

It is possible that RAW and Afghan intelligence agency NDS are involved in this brutal act.

Pakistan has always stressed on the need of fencing Pak Afghan border to stop cross border terrorist’s activities but who are opposing this, in fact do not want to stop cross border terrorist activities.

Afghan government must realize that peace in Afghanistan is only possible with positive engagement and cooperation with Pakistan. India and Afghanistan are unnatural allies.

Peace in Afghanistan is in the best interest of Pakistan however it is against the hegemonic Indian designs to destabilize Pakistan. Our security forces have rendered matchless sacrifices to eradicate the menace of terrorism.

Government should inquire the matter and punish those who are responsible for security collapse.