Karachi girls most addicted to Ice drug: Report

Karachi girls most addicted to Ice drug: Report

ISLAMABAD - Consumption of crystal methamphetamine, aka ice, is more common in the college girls. The Karachi Police Chief AIG Amir Sheikh revealed this while giving a media briefing.

He told that the addiction of crystal myth is common among the college, university students because of its easy availability at mere Rs. 700-2000 per gram.

The official also divulged the update on the crackdown against drug suppliers to the educational institutions. He said that the police have brought down over 300 drug stations so far.

Majority of these stations were in areas of Lyari, Jahanabad, Pak Colony, Sher Shah, Mehmoodabad, Lasi Goth, Shant Nagar, Malir, and Dalmia.

Moreover, most of these drugs come to Karachi through Balochistan and Hub. Sheikh further pointed out that the peddlers, if they get tried, manage to get easy bails from the court because the drug is usually sold in a lesser quantity like a few grams.

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