India can try to hit back in next 30 days, cautions PM Khan

India can try to hit back in next 30 days, cautions PM Khan

BAJAUR - PM Imran Khan while expressing his pre-apprehensions about the Indian government taking any action to secure victory in the upcoming elections, said there was a need for Pakistanis to remain vigilant during the next 30 days.

He said that Pakistani nation wanted peace, but categorically stated that “our desire for peace should not be misconstrued as weakness.”

He in this respect referred to the recent aggressive act by India and said that Pakistan Air Force acted forcefully and defended the country’s territorial sovereignty.

Prime Minister Imran Khan further said that with focus on moving forward on the path of development, attracting investment and creating job opportunities for unemployed youth, Pakistan wanted peace and not war with all neighbors including India.

“We are repeatedly asking India to have bilateral trade and resolve the issue of Kashmir through dialogue. But unfortunately, a political party in India wants to win the elections by spreading hatred”, he said while addressing a mammoth public meeting in Khar, Bajaur.

The Prime Minister said the way people of Kashmir were fighting for their just right of freedom, the people of Pakistan salute them for their valor and bravery.

The Prime Minister was firm in his view that his government would not make any compromise on corruption and would not enter into any deal with those who looted, plundered and laundered the public money abroad.

Describing the PML-PPP Charter of Democracy as “Charter of Corruption”, he said the two political parties, through their partnership over the past 10 years, took the country’s debt from Rs. 6,000 billion to Rs. 30,000 billion.

“Even an enemy cannot do, what these two political parties did with this country during the last ten years in partnership”, the Prime Minister remarked, adding it was Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) which broke this partnership with an In-swing Yorker.

He was critical of those often stating that democracy was in danger, adding, “actually democracy is not in danger, rather big dacoits are in danger.”

The Prime Minister categorically stated that for the betterment of country, he was even ready to talk to Indian PM Narendera Modi, but would not make compromise or enter into any deal with corrupt, who looted and laundered the public money which was to be used for education, education and other purposes.

He said Nawaz Sharif left the country in 2000 after NRO with Gen (Retd) Musharraf , while another political leader returned to country in 2007 through an NRO with Musharraf. “Now there will be no NRO”, he maintained.