Indian Dalit boy killed for marrying high caste woman in India

NEW DELHI: An Indian Dalit boy was killed for marrying a high caste woman in India in the name of ‘honour killing’.


The boy was killed and his wife became injured during an attack by men armed with sharp weapons in Tamil Nadu state.


Police officials claimed that their relatives were angered due to their marriage who killed them.


Police official said “They married some eight months ago and the woman’s family was unhappy. She is an upper Thevar Hindu caste and the man was a Dalit.”


Police claimed that the couple was attacked by three men at a bus stop.


Police claimed that the couple was taken to hospital and boy died on the way but woman is alive and admitted in hospital.


Police claimed that we are searching the accused persons with the help of CCTV footage.


A large number of people die every year  in the name of honour killing in India.


Indian’s Supreme Court announced penalty of death to those who are found involved in honour kiliing in 2011.


An NGO official claimed that 81 honour killings have been registered since 2013 and many killings are made to look like a suicide.