Women Rights in Pakistan: Strict Legislation required for protection

Women Rights in Pakistan: Strict Legislation required for protection

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Women Rights in Pakistan: Strict Legislation required for protection


Experts on Tuesday called for strict legislation to curb the menace of torturing and burning alive the female members of the society.


Commenting on recent happening in different parts of the country in a news channel program, these experts urged protection of women rights and provide them opportunities to live in the society with peace and respect.


"It is responsibility of the parliamentarians to focus this issue. There should be laws providing that murder of a woman is not pardoned in  any case because it is done in a gruesome manner," said renowned lawyers Asma Jehangir.


She said it has become a trend to torture and kill women on one issue or the other. "But, with the rising awareness the governments are now  taking this issue seriously and we hope justice will be done."


The program had focussed on recent issues of killing young girls in Lahore, Abbottabad and Murree and the panelists urged to uphold respect of women and their security.


"Even we see the incidents of character assassination of deceased women and girls. This trend should be shunned and we should respect our women," she added.


MNA Shazia Marri said, recent incident have proved that our women are vulnerable. Therefore, strict laws are needed to secure lives and honor of women. "Earlier, people used to kill women in the name of honor but after the law was enacted, they are now using other means to torture and kill women."


She called for awareness raising and put in place strict laws to  punish the sick minds who poise to kill women and young girls.


Minister of State for Capital Administration and Development Division Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry regretted these incidents and said, the law in  place provide that there can be no compromise on women killing. "In our society women as mothers, daughters, sisters and wives enjoy more respect than the western society. Our society owns them and protects them."


But in such incidents, there are certain people who take law in their hands and attack women. For their punishment, the law is there, he added.



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