Telenor 4G Services: Benefits and Prospects

Telenor 4G Services: Benefits and Prospects

ISLAMABAD, June 15 (APP): Telenor 4G Services: Benefits and Prospects


After acquiring necessary spectrum  in 850MHz band for US $ 395 million, Telenor Pakistan aims to  roll out 4G network within next few months.


"We will go for 4G as soon as it would be possible," newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Telenor Pakistan, Irfan Wahab Khan said.


He said, "I see a lot of opportunities and humongous  potential available in data segment that Telenor is geared up  to tap in."


Along with consuming the newly acquired spectrum for 3G network, Irfan Wahab told Pro Pakistani on Wednesday that global economy has moved on to Internet and segments like health, education, agriculture and literally everything else that is capitalizing benefits of Internet.


He said,"That is exactly where we are moving towards now  with largest 3G network in Pakistan and 4G network that would  be available in matter of just few months."


Irfan said his company was still working on numbers for  the investment that would be required for network roll-out,  but said that Telenor Pakistan is fully committed to Pakistani  market.


"We are investing US $ 395 million for spectrum while more

funds will be poured in to network during next two years to  offer Pakistani customers the best in class 3G and 4G networks,"  Irfan said.


It may be recalled that Telenor has already completed its trials for 4G network.


Showing his content on 850MHz spectrum, the CEO said this newly acquired spectrum has its unique advantages including rural reach and in-building penetration.


He said this new spectrum, along with higher bands, Telenor is best placed to offer premium Internet in both rural and urban markets.


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