I was sexually harassed too, says Imaan Mazari

I was sexually harassed too, says Imaan Mazari

LAHORE – TImaan Hazir Mazari (daughter of Shireen Mazari) recently spoke her mind on sexual abuse on minors. She emphasized upon the elders to educate their children so that they can talk on the issue if they ever feel uncomfortable from a certain individual.

Imaan stated her ordeal in a series of tweets:

Imaan shared her own horrifying memory when she was sexually harassed by her teacher. Her teacher took her to the empty class room and up skirt her in order to check her chicken pox. Subsequently she was threatened not to disclose her ordeal with anyone.

Imaan concluded on the note of focusing our attention to Zainab and countless children who had suffered at the hands of sexual abusers.

Imaan tweeted: “What was done to Zainab is something that should remain on our collective conscience forever.As should the guilt of not having followed through on demanding justice for the 100s of kids in Kasur who were molested,raped, drugged & tortured. We say “never again” but do we mean it?”

“When will enough be enough? When will things finally change? These are questions only we can answer. Their answer depends on whether our society has an iota of humanity left? #JusticeForZainab,” she tweeted further.