Bollywood star Kangana Ranauat unveils her marriage plan

Bollywood star Kangana Ranauat unveils her marriage plan

NEW DELHI - It seems that Bollywood is full of news and rumours of the actresses marriages and affairs nowadays as of lately Bollywood top star Kangana Ranauat has spoken about her marriage plans.

Kangana Ranaut’s personal life and her romantic affairs have made always made headlines. Whether it was her public feud with Hrithik Roshan or even Adhdhyan Suman for that matter, Kangana did not shy away from airing her laundry in public.

The actress recently made an appearance on India’s Next Superstars and when asked about her love story, Kangana responded,”Mere ishq ke kisse toh saare newspapers mein likhe gaye hain (Stories of my romance have been written about in all newspapers).”

She went on to recite a poem which she had supposedly penned when she was in love. “Ishq ki aankhon mein khuda dekha hai humne, na woh roshni thi na andhera, na jaane kaunsa manzar dekha hai humne (In the eyes of love, I saw god, there was no light nor any darkness, can’t say what I saw).

Kangana was then asked about her marriage plans to which she responded, “I don’t know why our society wants women to marry by the age of 30. It is very unfortunate. I am not getting married anytime soon and I am not even 30.”

Meanwhile, Kangana’s appearance India’s Next Superstars stirred quite a bit of hype as it led to her reunion with Karan Johar. Kangana and Karan had a major fallout last year when the actress appeared on Karan’s talk show Koffee With Karanand touted the filmmaker as the ‘flagbearer of nepotism.’ This, in turn, led to a year-long battle that divided Bollywood as well.