PM Imran Khan chairs high level meeting in Islamabad

PM Imran Khan chairs high level meeting in Islamabad

*ISLAMABAD: In a bid to provide maximum relief to vulnerable segments of the society,** Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday directed his economic team to decrease the burden of indirect taxes on the poor. *

Presiding over a meeting of the economic team in Islamabad today, PM Imran Khan said that the provision of relief to the masses was the top priority of the government.

He directed to devise a system to control expenditures, adding that steps should be taken to strengthen the country’s economy.

The meeting discussed various proposals for the provision of targeted subsidies to the vulnerable segments of the society. Steps being taken against inflation, prices of food items, austerity measures, reduction in taxes and OGRA’s recommendations about fuel prices were also discussed in the meeting.

Earlier on February 8, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that indirect taxes burdened the poor segment of society the most.

Chairing a meeting of his economic team, he had called for special attention to be given to ease the burden of indirect taxes.

Prime Minister Khan had maintained the incumbent government’s foremost priority is to protect a common man’s interest. Tough economic conditions affected the poor most, he had added.

“Providing people every possible relief is the government’s top priority,” he had reiterated, directing the economic team to put forth recommendations for cutting taxes on imported edible items so relief could be given to people, especially to the have-nots and middle class.