What advice Sheikh Rashid gives to Imran Khan about Jemima Goldsmith


LAHORE  – Sheikh Rasheed has advised Imran Khan over his ex wife Jemima Khan. He has suggested PTI Chairman Imran Khan to remarry Jemima Khan.

Sheikh Rasheed was impressed with how Imran Khan’s former wife Jemima gathered all the documents which he says is impossible for any politician to do and the way Jemima did this to help her former husband is impressive.

He further said that he will personally insist Imran Khan to remarry her first wife.

However, he said that he still doesn’t foresee elections on time while the country is in need of immediate elections.

On Imran Khan , he stressed that he was happy that PTI Chairman got saved because he is the hope of Pakistani politics and people and it would have been a black day for both Pakistani politics and Pakistani people, had Imran Khan been disqualified.

Sheikh Rasheed claimed that people from PML- N will rush to PTI since many of them told so that they will join Imran Khan if he is not disqualified.

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