PIA multiple flights cancelled, diverted

PIA multiple flights cancelled, diverted

KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) multiple flights have been cancelled today due to foggy weather conditions.

Flights operating on Saturday December 16 have been cancelled and revised, a spokesman said on Friday.

PIA spokesman said that the foggy weather condition is expected to prevail for the next few days and is beyond the control of the airline.

PIA has to adjust the timings of its flights due to such weather conditions as the airline cannot operate flights with poor visibility and also keeping in view the safety requirements. This results in either cancellation of flights or flights operated with delays.

Keeping in view the weather forecast for Saturday December 16, the following flights have been cancelled and revised:

PK 332 Karachi-Multan is cancelled due to poor weather forecast.

PIA also rerouted some of its flights due to foggy weather conditions and PK 725 is now operating Karachi-Riyadh instead of Lahore-Riyadh, PK 264 now operating Abu Dhabi-Karachi instead of Abu Dhabi-Lahore, PK 715 Multan-Madinah now operating Karachi-Madinah, PK 763 Faisalabad-Jeddah operating Lahore-Jeddah, PK 739 Multan-Jeddah Now operating Karachi-Jeddah, PK 342 Karachi-Faisalabad now operating Karachi-Lahore.

Furthermore, PK 203 Lahore-Dubai is operating delay by 55 minutes, PK 204 Dubai-Lahore operating delay of 45 minutes, PK 390 and PK 391 Karachi-Sukkur-Islamabad-Sukkur-Karachi, PK 650 Lahore-Islamabad, PK 651 Islamabad-Lahore are operating delay by 01 hours and PK 652 Multan-Lahore-Islamabad is operating delay by 40 minutes, the spokesperson concluded.

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