Imran Khan says it's good Shahbaz Sharif not disqualified in Hudaibiya as I don't like to play with weak team

Imran Khan says it's good Shahbaz Sharif not disqualified in Hudaibiya as I don't like to play with weak team
TANDO MOHAMMAD KHAN: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Friday that the National Accountability Bureau saved the Sharif family in the Hudaibiya Paper Mills case as it dismissed the plea.

The PTI chairman was addressing a party rally here, hours after the Supreme Court gave its judgment in the disqualification case- clearing the PTI chief’s name, however, disqualifying PTI General Secretary Jahangir Tareen for life.

While criticizing the NAB, Imran said that the entire nation has its sight set upon the institution whether it catches the big fish or not.

“It was good that Shehbaz Sharif wasn’t disqualified,” said Imran mocking that the Chief Minister Punjab ‘wouldn’t have been able to play with a weak team’.

Imran said that the police is the best in KP compared to other provinces as it does not function under political influence.

“Sadly have to announce that Sindh and Balochistan lag far behind from KP and Punjab,” said Imran.
Imran said that when his government will be formed in Sindh then the system of education will be improved.

Earlier, party sources informed that more than 15,000 chairs were set up at the Sohri sugar mills ground for the rally.

Imran is presently on a four-day visit to Karachi. The party has been holding a string of public rallies in Punjab and Sindh since the past few months.

Earlier on Friday, a three-member apex court bench dismissed the NAB’s appeal to reopen the Hudaibiya Paper Mills case.

Hearing the case since November 28, the court announced its judgment today in a majority decision.
The one-line order, read out by Justice Alam, states that NAB’s appeal to reopen the case is dismissed and a detailed verdict will be issued later.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court announced its earlier-reserved judgment in the disqualification case against Imran and PTI secretary general Jahangir Tareen today.

The Supreme Court disqualified PTI Secretary General Jahangir Tareen but ruled in favour of PTI Chairperson Imran Khan in its judgment on the disqualification case against the two party leaders.

The apex court had reserved the verdict against the two PTI leaders on November 14.