US special ops Forces reach in Helmand to secure it from Talibans after Afghan Forces fail to defend

KABUL: The US ground forces with air support arrived in Helmand . Some of the officials said that the United States of America and NATO do not want the Taliban to return to Helmand , a province with heavy human and financial cost was created out of the hands of the Taliban. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has expressed concern about the military intervention, the mission was scheduled to end at the end of December 2014 and the mission to train, advise and assist the security forces. The intervention took place after reports spread that the rebels have taken office several districts of the province and the Afghan security forces have been involved in these districts. However, a spokesman for US forces about the role of its troops in Helmand battle does not say anything, but he praised the actions of the security forces. He added: "Here is a small question that a contested area of ??Helmand province. Afghan security forces and Taliban insurgents launched less than five major operations to disrupt their activities. (Tolo News)

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