Pakistan PM Imran Khan vows to teach India yet another lesson

Pakistan PM Imran Khan vows to teach India yet another lesson

ISLAMABAD - Imran Khan has vowed to 'teach India a lesson' after warning that military action from Delhi in Azad Kashmir is imminent.

Speaking in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistan-administered Kashmir, on Independence Day, Khan said the army has 'solid information' that India will launch an attack in the region. ADVERTISEMENT

He claims a military offensive on Pakistan-administered Kashmir would be an Indian attempt to deflect attention from alleged human rights abuses in the areas of Kashmir under Delhi control.

Khan said: 'The Pakistani army has solid information that they are planning to do something in Pakistani Kashmir, and they are ready and will give a solid response.

'We have decided that if India commits any type of violation we will fight till the end. The time has arrived to teach you a lesson.'

Earlier this week, Khan lambasted the international community for failing to challenge India over Kashmir and said turning a blind eye to the spread of Indian Hindu nationalism was the same as appeasing Hitler, a comparison he made again on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, India's crippling 10-day-old curfew in Kashmir will ease after Thursday, according to the state governor, but phone lines and the internet will remain cut.India

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