Business Opportunities Conference by TDAP

Business Opportunities Conference by TDAP

ISLAMABAD (APP): Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) has proposed a Business Opportunities Conference in October this year in Kazakhstan to enhance bilateral trade.

As part of the TDAP in collaboration with Haripur Chamber of Commerce would also organize an exhibition of Pakistani products at Almaty in November.

Highlighting the promotional activities being pursued to enhance domestic trade with Kazakhstan, Commerce Division sources on Sunday said the Ministry has been focusing on encouraging contacts between private sectors of the two countries.

In this regard TDAP with support of Ministry of Commerce also organized a Roadshow in Central Asian States (CARs) including Kazakhstan in May this year which was organized as a follow up of visit of Prime Minister to CARs.

The Roadshow provided an opportunity for showcasing Pakistani products in these regional markets, paving way for closer trade links with these hitherto un-explored markets.

During the two days event at Almaty, Kazakhstan, a large composite display of Pakistani products by 40 to 50 different companies was arranged.

On sidelines of the event, business meetings, fashion and cultural performances were also organized.

It merits mentioned here that economy of Kazakhstan is the largest in Central Asia with GDP of about US$ 212.25 billion while per capital income was approximately US$ 12,277 in 2014.

The trade between Pakistan and Kazakhstan is presently at level of US$ 11.5 million in 2014-15. Pakistan 's exports were US$ 6.6 million while imports from Kazakhstan were at level of US$ 4.9 million.

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