Politicians have feelings too, they deserve to be respected: Saad Rafique

Politicians have feelings too, they deserve to be respected: Saad Rafique

LAHORE: Politicians have feelings and they deserve respect as well, said Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique on Saturday, after attending a hearing at the apex court. 

"I am very disheartened today--politicians have feelings too and they deserve to be respected as well," he said while speaking to media.

The chief justice had taken notice of Rs 60bn losses incurred by Pakistan Railways. Rafique appeared before the chief justice to answer questions related to the case.

"Saad Rafique sahab, come to the rostrum and bring iron grains with you,"said Justice Saqib Nisar, referring to a speech of the minister in which he it seemed as if he was criticising judges.

"Those comments were not for you--I was referring to political opponents in that speech," said Rafique.

"We'll bring records of all speeches made by you and records of all the losses," said the chief justice.

Justice Saqib Nisar asked the minister to provide an explanation about the losses incurred by Pakistan Railways.

The minister informed the court that Pakistan Railways' income had increased from Rs 18bn to Rs 50bn. He said that losses of the railways had also increased to Rs 35bn from Rs 30bn. He said that the difference between the increase in rates of losses and income was big.

"Pakistan Railways is not just a commercial institution, when the government increases pension, we have to bear the burden," he said. "We have to facilitate the public and lower fares as well."

Proceedings of the case were postponed till one week.  


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