Polling day shocking videos go viral in IoK

Polling day shocking videos go viral in IoK

ISLAMABAD (APP): After the so-called Indian Parliamentary by-polls in Srinagar constituency, Indian occupied Kashmir, shocking videos of protesters and Indian forces have surfaced, generating debates on social media and on other public platforms.

According to KMS, moments after the puppet authorities restored Internet on Thursday, social media was abuzz with the videos depicting the scenes outside polling stations in Budgam district, where seven of the eight civilians killed on the day of sham polling on April 9 (Sunday) were shot dead by Indian forces.

In one such video, a youth can be seen tied to the front of an armoured Indian army vehicle as a human shield against stone pelters on the polling day at Gundipora in Beerwah area of Budgam.

In the video, a soldier can be heard warning protesters to face same fate for pelting stones on Indian forces. The video has evoked severe anger and criticism from masses.

"For some reason, this recent image from Beerwah, Kashmir, of a `human shield', a young man strapped to the bonnet of an army jeep (ahead of a Mine Protected Vehicle, if you watch the fullvideo) is really, really disturbing. And a pointer to the extreme crisis that Indian troops in Kashmir find themselves in.," shared Kashmiri filmmaker, Sanjay Kak, on his Facebook.

Emma Varley, a Facebook user, has responded to the post by equating it with the war-torn Syria, where reports of people being used as human shields have emerged.

Omar Abdullah, the former puppet Chief Minister, took to twitter to express his anger. "A warning can be heard saying stone pelters will meet this fate. This requires an urgent inquiry and follow up," he wrote.

Prominent human rights activist, Khurram Pervez, in his post wrote that this is not the first time that army has used a civilian as human shield in Kashmir, but it has been happening for past many decades.

In another video shot probably by the polling staff at Rathsona, Budgam, the soldiers can be seen chasing protesters and shooting dead a youth from point-blank range.

The video generated anger among the masses, with people contesting the puppet authorities' claim of restraint being exercised by Indian forces.