US air strikes in Afghanistan target ISIS militants hideouts 

KABUL: US airstrikes in Afghanistan targeted ISIS militants hideouts.


US strikes killed at least 40 people in the Achin district in Nangarhar province on Thursday night.


Afghan officials claimed that they were members of Takfiri Daesh group.


US official claimed that 1,000 to 3,000 ISIS militants are present in Afghanistan and claimed that the number has decreased rapidly by US drone strikes at the terror group.


US Brigadier Charles Cleveland said “The capacity of Daesh, we believe, has reduced. Their overall footprint in Nangarhar we do believe has been reduced as well.”


He claimed that US launched 100 strikes in the first three months of the year in Afghanistan, out of which 70-80 targeted ISIS group.


US forces conducted 2 airstrikes in Paktika province on April 6 and both US and Afghan government claimed that 17 people who were killed were militants but district governor Shaista Khan denied it.


He claimed that they were civilians which belong to Karakzai tribe and returning from a meeting.


Mostly civilians got killed in US airstrikes but US claimed that the targeted persons were members of Taliban and insurgent groups.