Sindh government decides to set up additional anti-terrorism courts

KARACHI: Sindh government has decided to set up additional 20 anti-terrorism courts in province to swiftly deal with trials of terrorists while PC1 has also been prepared by Sindh government to establish new ATC courts.


As per details, it was announced by Sindh government to establish 20 new ATC in province for the eradication and punishment of terrorists. Buildings would be constructed within three years for ATC in Jails while courts would be established in rented buildings till the completion of court buildings.


Currently, 19 Anti-Terrorism Courts are working in province while their performance is not appreciable as over 3 thousands cases are still pending in 19 courts.


10 ATC are dealing with over hundred cases in a month and the numbers of cases are increasing in courts due to ongoing target operation in Karachi.