Rangers arrests five employees of Karachi University

KARACHI: Five employees of Karachi University were arrested by Rangers here at today, conducting raid in admin block of University.


As per details, Rangers conucted raid here at admin block of University and started to search rooms of university, closing the entrance and exit points.


Rangers cordoned off the area while no student and teacher was being allowed to enter into the university during the search operation. Later, Rangers came out of the admin building, detaining five employees.


University of Karachi Security Advisor Khalid Iraqi has confirmed the raid of Rangers and the arrest of five employees saying that the arrested people belong to accounts department of university, however the reasons of raid has not yet known.


The arrested employees have been identified as Shani Mahmood Hussain, Zohaib, Zeeshan Amin, Naveed Siddiqui and Rehan.


It is also worthy to mention here that educational activities were suspended by administration today due to convocation which was going to be held tomorrow.