Pakistani Nation has to decide about PM Nawaz Sharif over Panama Leaks: White House Official 

WASHINGTON: White House official John Kirby claimed that Pakistan Nation has to decide about PM Nawaz Sharif should resign over Panama Leaks.


He claimed that it’s the right of Pakistan's nation to ask for resignation over corruption charges as it fuels extremism and economic instability.


He said “These are decisions that the Pakistani people have to make, and we’ve talked about this before.”


Kirby also urged Pakistan to launch indiscriminate action against all extremist groups.


He was talking to the media on the question whether US will support a democratic elected premier or not.


Panama Leaks has created chaos in the world.


Some political leaders have resigned as a result of their involvement in the scandal while others are passing through a severe criticism.


Leaked documents revealed that premier Nawaz Sharif, daughter and the son has also established off-shore companies.


Opposition parties demanded for the resignation of Nawaz Sharif until the investigation of the matter is completed by a judicial commission.


PTI Chairman also claimed to launch a campaign against the premier and also asked for an inquiry by the incumbent Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP).


PTI will launch protest against Nawaz Sharif in F-9 Park Islamabad and permission has been also granted by the government.