Afghan Taliban too had a 'surprise from Trump'

Afghan Taliban too had a 'surprise from Trump'

ISLAMABAD - Afghan Taliban say US President Donald Trump’s decision to call off negotiations with them was surprising and astonishing.

In an interview, a Taliban Spokesman of political office in Qatar, Sohail Shaheen said the US President cancelled the process when they were preparing for signing of a peace deal.

Shaheen said Taliban are ready for negotiations with Afghans but a ceasefire will be possible when all foreign forces leave the country.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Affairs Committee of US House of Representatives has issued a subpoena to Trump administration’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad, demanding he appear before the panel next week to explain failure of US-Taliban talks.

In a statement, US representative for New York, Eliot Engel accused the Trump administration of keeping Congress and the American people in the dark about the negotiations.

Engel said the subpoena requires Khalilzad to testify before the House committee on Thursday. NNR/Abid