Shaheen-VI: Pakistan - China joint Air exercise in full swing

Shaheen-VI: Pakistan - China joint Air exercise in full swing
BEIJING: The Pak-China Joint Air Exercise Shaheen-VI, which commenced at Korla Air Base, China on September 7, gets in full swing. The PAF contingent, comprising combat Pilots, Air Defence Controllers and technical ground crew is participating in this bilateral exercise.

JF-17 Thunder, Mirage, F-7PG and ZDK aircraft from Pakistan Air Force
along with People’s Liberation Army Air Force J-8, J-11, JH-7 and KJ-200 AWACS aircraft are taking part in the Air Exercise.

The exercise will further strengthen the working relationship between
both the Air Forces and help in learning from each other experiences.
Pakistan Air Force emphasizes the combat training of its air and ground
crew and regularly undertakes Air Exercises with Air Forces of friendly countries.

Shaheen-VI, is the sixth in the series of Joint Air Exercises with
PLAAF, which is conducted each year in both countries on alternate basis. PLAAF contingent participated in ‘Shaheen-V’ which was conducted in Pakistan last year.

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