Pakistani actress mysterious disappearance in UK

Pakistani actress mysterious disappearance in UK

LONDON - Pakistani actress Rabica Sahar has disappeared in the UK after visiting the country on an entertainment visa.

Lahore-based Rabica is mostly known for stage performances but also works as a model. She arrived in the UK on September 8, 2019, with other performers for a three-month tour at various venues across the country.

"How can she claim that Ravina made her slave?"

However, five days after her arrival, she claimed asylum, citing “slavery” and “human trafficking”.

She made the appeal just before the performance group was due to move on to Manchester from London.

Rabica requested asylum because she believed she was being enslaved as her manager had her passport.

A raid was conducted where Rabica was staying but the authorities could not find anything which suggested she was “enslaved”.

It was discovered that the manager had kept all the performer’s passports in a safe at their request, something that they confirmed when questioned.

Other performers who travelled with her said that they did not feel “enslaved” and were happy to be performing.

A number of other contradictions in Rabica’s statements have emerged, DesiBlitz has reported.