In a setback, Pakistan gas reserves set to run out rapidly

In a setback, Pakistan gas reserves set to run out rapidly

ISLAMABAD - A recent report has suggested that Pakistan’s gas reserves will run out within two decades.

A Petroleum Ministry’s report has revealed that the country’s largest gas reservoir, Sui , is rapidly depleting and might end completely in the next 19 years.

The report reveals that the natural gas reserves were at 67 billion cubic feet when first discovered in 1952. It was said that this will cover the country’s need for at least two centuries.

However, due to an exponential rise in population, the country has already consumed 39.750 billion, while only 21.445 billion cubic feet of gas is left for further use. The authorities believe that it will hardly last for another 19 years at the current consumption rate.

The report mentioned that 80 of the wells have already dried out while another 100 wells are going to dry out in the coming years.

The report urged the government to issue exploration licenses across the country as soon as possible to avoid the gas crisis. It feared that the country might have to rely on imports if new resources are not discovered.

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