Dr Mujahid production in handcuffs: CJ accepts NAB DG apology

Dr Mujahid production in handcuffs: CJ accepts NAB DG apology

LAHORE:Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has observed that he will not tolerate disrespect to the teachers.

He passed the remarks while hearing a suo motu notice of production of former vice-chancellor of Punjab University

Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran and other professors handcuffed before an accountability court.

At the outset of proceedings, National Accountability Bureau Director General Saleem Shahzad and Advocate General

Punjab Ahmad Owais appeared.

The AG Punjab submitted that he personally felt sad over the incident that such an attitude had been adopted

with teachers.

At this, the CJP observed that he saw the video of handcuffed former officials of the university at 12 night and made a call to chairman NAB, who stated that the DG NAB would satisfy him over the issue. He further remarked that if the DG NAB did not want to do the job, he should quit.

To which, the NAB DG submitted that no directions had been passed on to the police from their side for producing

the professors handcuffed, and also tendered an apology.

However, the CJP observed that he would order registration of a case against him, if he was at fault.

"Then you can go around, seeking bail in handcuffs," he added.Upon hearing this, Shahzad got teary-eyed, prompting the chief justice to further remark: "Now that you yourself felt the heat, you apear to be in tears."

However, the DG replied that I have personally visited Dr Mujahid Kamran and apologised to him and the other professors."

To which, a NAB prosecutor submitted that Mujahid Kamran and others were produced in handcuffs due to security reasons.

"We have done a great job to fight corruption," he added.However, the chief justice questioned NAB's performance

saying that it did nothing except for making a mockery of people.

"Producing Mujahid Kamran and other professors in handcuffs is akin to killing their dignity. I will not tolerate any

disrespect to teachers in this manner," the chief justice warned.

The court ordered Shahzad to personally apologise to Mujahid Kamran and other professors and instructed that a written apology also be submitted to the court.

Subsequently, the hearing concluded with the submission of DG Shahzad's written apology, which was accepted by the