Pakistan Army doesn't support Haqqani network: Rescued hostages tell world

ISLAMABAD - In a brief video uploaded on Saturday, Boyle detailed the risk-filled rescue operation carried out by Pak Army contingents that led to the recovery of his family comprising an American wife and three kids in a gun fight between Pakistan Army and the Haqqani network militants.

The 34-year-old wanderlust expressed that when the gun battle ended, a Pak Army soldiers came near him and expressed that in the US media, it is alleged that Pak Army enlists support to Haqqani network operatives while drawing a juxtaposition that they had killed the Haqqani’s, as seen by Boyle.

‘So I can say to you, I did see the truth and the truth was that the car was riddled with bullets’ he said.

The freed hostage continued that the ISI personnel and the Army troops got tucked themselves between the criminals and the car to ensure the safety of his family.

Boyle maintained that the law enforcers put the criminals to fly who ran like cowards.

‘This is proof enough to me that the Pakistanis are doing everything to their utmost[sic]’ Boycle concluded, defying the perception that the Haqqani network enjoyed the support of Pakistan Army.

Earlier, on Friday night at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport the ex-hostage claimed that his wife Coleman gave birth to four children, including the daughter which was killed by the kidnappers.