Indian Army launches massive exercise near borders with Pakistan

Indian Army launches massive exercise near borders with Pakistan

NEW DELHI - The Indian Army will undertake a massive military exercise starting November 13 to November 18 near Pakistan border in Barmer district of Rajasthan.

The military exercise will be undertaken by the Sudarshan Chakra Corps of the Southern Army.

According to sources, more than 40,000 troops will be participating in the exercise to hone their combat skills and validate their deep-strike capabilities in the deserted area.

The exercise aims to validate the battle readiness and operational effectiveness of Sudarshan Chakra Corps in an integrated air, land battle scenario.

The exercise will showcase tanks and other armoured vehicles duly supported by overwhelming land and air-based firepower.

The exercise is being conducted under simulated battlefield conditions aimed at implementing surveillance and the mechanisms to validate the operational plans.

With an emphasis on joint operations, the exercise would test sensor to shooter grids by employing surveillance and air assets networked with land-based operational and tactical vectors, in addition, to manoeuvre by mechanised formations.

The exercise will showcase the seamless integration between armoured, mechanised infantry, infantry, artillery, air force resources as well as the special forces.

The combined arms cohesion will be on display with the integrated employment of mechanised forces with the newly inducted K-9 Vajra (Self Propelled Artillery Gun System) and indigenous Advanced Light Helicopter (Weapon Systems Integrated) 'Rudra' with innovative tech skills and prowess of IA as a Network Centric Force.