Chinese media highly impressed with PM Imran Khan initiative

Chinese media highly impressed with PM Imran Khan initiative

ISLAMABAD - Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s plan to start a mega poverty alleviation campaign is an excellent way to help the local economy recover.

In recent decades, China performed an economic miracle, lifting 800 million people out of the poverty line.

Imran Khan recently said that Pakistan would learn from China’s model for poverty alleviation.

China is ready to share its experience with Pakistan and provide necessary assistance, according to an article published by Global Times on Tuesday. ------------------------------


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Infrastructure construction can be a powerful engine for economic growth and poverty alleviation. The multi-billion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) goes beyond a collection of infrastructure projects that are under construction throughout Pakistan.

With the new government’s poverty alleviation campaign, China and Pakistan will work more closely together to improve infrastructure in the South Asian country, the article said.

A remaining question is how to capitalize on business opportunities under the CPEC to create more jobs for low-income people and lift them out of poverty.

China will not be stingy in offering necessary assistance to Pakistani people working for the CPEC-related industries, but it will strive to improve the skills of local employees. Those efforts will help Pakistan raise its labor productivity and strengthen its economic competitiveness, the write up said. ------------------------------


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In its pursuit of poverty alleviation and economic development, China has charted its path. The route China followed is suitable for many developing countries, including Pakistan.

As the South Asian country focuses more on poverty alleviation, China and Pakistan will find more common topics of conversation, which will increase interaction and further strengthen bilateral ties.