India is being ruled by a Hindu Taliban Modi

LONDON: An opinion piece in prominent British newspaper has observed that a Hindu Taliban was raising its head in India and that the United Kingdom must oppose that. Alluding to the incidents of intolerance, the article was acutely critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. “We in Britain cannot bite our tongues anymore; we have a responsibility to speak out. And we need to work on at least two fronts: demand that Cameron not make business deals at the cost of human rights and press Modi to answer for the Indian government’s abysmal rights record. UK should recognize and support Indian citizens, journalists and organizations that are resisting growing Hindu fanaticism and state authoritarianism,” Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor wrote for The Guardian. Responding to the first question by a BBC reporter on “growing intolerance in India” during a joint press conference with British PM David Cameron, Modi said strict action is being taken against those indulging in such (violent) acts. PM said India is a democracy that’s committed to freedom of speech. “We take each incident occurring in any part of our country very seriously. Law is taking its course, strict action is being taken and we are committed on it,” he added. The PM is constantly under attack by the Oppositon in India on incidents of communal violence in the country. “India protects the rights of every citizen and his/her freedom of thoughts. India is a vibrant democracy,” PM said. Modi’s comments follow widespread condemnation of the September 28 killing of a Muslim man at Dadri in Uttar Pradesh over rumours that he ate beef. A host of writers, artistes and film makers have in recent weeks returned their national awards in protest against what they say is rising intolerance, at times leading to murder.