Afghanistan responds to Pak Afghan Indonesian Islamic scholar moot joint declaration

Afghanistan responds to Pak Afghan Indonesian Islamic scholar moot joint declaration

KABUL - *President Ashraf Ghani said that Afghan, Pakistani and Indonesian religious scholars’ joint conference in Jakarta is a good chance for the Taliban, the Presidential Palace said in a statement on Sunday. *

According to the statement the government of Afghanistan welcomes the religious scholar’s stance, clarity and decision.

Ghani called on other scholars of the Islamic world to play a pivotal role in maintaining peace and eliminating terrorism, the statement said.

The president has endorsed such meetings of religious scholars to end the imposed battle of Afghanistan and for regional stability.

This come after religious scholars from Afghanistan, Indonesia and Pakistan on Friday issued a declaration on the war and peace in Afghanistan in which they supported efforts for peace in Afghanistan and opposed 'terrorism and violent extremism'.

The Ulema stated in the declaration that war and violence have no place in Islam and that Islam is the religion of peace and true believers should put into practice what this religion stands for.

The religious scholars said they support any peace offer, efforts and declarations in the hope of bringing peace and prosperity in Afghanistan.

The declaration stated that the religious scholars of the three countries support the peace offer made by the Afghan government to the Taliban aimed to end war and violence in the country.

Religious scholars also asked all warring parties to lay down their weapons and start direct peace talks.

The religious scholars said in the declaration that the Ulema of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia can play a crucial role in promoting peace and that they support such efforts.

The Afghanistan High Peace Council (HPC) says that from Afghanistan 20 religious have attended the meeting and they hope it will have a constructive result for Afghan peace process.