UAE fighter jet goes missing in Yemen combat mission: Official Sources


DUBAI: Official sources claimed that a UAE fighter jet has gone missing during a combat mission against Iran backed rebels in Yemen.


UAE’s official news agency WAM said “The supreme command of the armed forces announced today that a fighter jet taking part in the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen was missing.”


The official claimed that the jet was missing during airstrikes on Yemen’s second city Aden.


Officials claimed that it is the first time that a fighter jet got missing since the coalition was launched by Saudi Arabia in March last year.


It is also claimed that the plane is crashed but UAE did not provide any details immediately.


A Bahraini F-16 was also crashed in December due to technical fault but rebels claimed that they destroyed the jet.


Saudi Arabia has launched coalition in Yemen to support Yemeni government against Houthi rebels.


UN claimed that more than 6,000 people have  died since the coalition was launched in March 2015.